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Pretty Russian escort service ladiesAll our cultural-intellectual delicacy was reduced to jingling on a guitar and to a waffle under a beer small bottle. Then escort agency paid much more attention to legs of our little girls, rather than that there at them in a head. Fell in love in same, fought because of them, twisted with them. Eventually, for the first beauty of our court yard – Lilku Poplavsky – I have come out in rigid competitive struggle the winner. Wewith it of year ones and a half, children envied me.
And then I have entered the institute, and the circle of contacts has started to change gradually. On parties to me classmates already began to come., working as the beautician in a beauty salon, it was not entered in any way in our student’s company, was angry, was jealous me of all successively and, eventually, has made grandiose scandal on a kind at all. Our novel also has come to the end with that.

Has passed years seven, and the company washing it was definitively changed. In the past there were also student’s parties. I have ended financial and economic institute, confidently moved ahead on an escorts Moscow office ladder, and ninnies have absolutely ceased to interest me as a subject for serious mutual relations. With them it was simply boring, escorts Moscow models were unpromising. However, in those circles where I rotated, Russian escort models met all less often, basically, in quality. I already decently earned and had possibility to spend a free time in places which are inaccessible to escorts Moscow ladies with a low prosperity. There there were absolutely other escorts Moscow women – clever, independent, financially secure.

In process of advancement on a career-is material-professional ladder, I left one escorts Moscow women and met others – more perspective and provided. It turned out so that I concerned only with with whom at me professional interests and the material status coincided. As soon as the balance was broken – personal relations fell also.
Personal relations – the same clockwork. If gears coincide – it works, if the carving at one is larger, more small – interactions it is impossible to another, hours do not go. If it seems to someone that I argue too pragmatically, let will try to test it on myself. I personally about Cinderellas consider fairy tales harmful.

So-called Cinderellas are not able to address with the big money, they, as a rule, pull the husband back. I Know well one: the escorts Moscow girl always should correspond to the status of the husband. Not without reason say that it is necessary to cut a tree on itself. I married three times and got divorced on one only to the reason three times: my wives, having reached wished, calmed down and ceased to correspond to those requirements which are shown to me by an environment.
Can seem that I became the hostage of system where level of a material prosperity dictates also a choice of the female blog with photos. The scheme simple: than more money you earn, especially clever and provided escort Russia woman you take as escort Moscow girl.